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Music lessons and band workshops for kids aged 7 - 16

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Running now - every Saturday at WaterRat Music Studios, Woking
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Our goal is to offer students a space in which they can enjoy learning and developing their skills as a musician. We teach electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocals.

Even if they've never played an instrument before, we give children the tools they need to grow in confidence, develop hand-eye coordination, and even improve math skills!

Throughout each term the students will gain a wide range of practical musical skills and experiences, ending with a final performance for their friends and family.
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Term Dates & Times 2022 / 2023

Workshops are held on Saturdays and are currently broken up into 2 sessions based roughly on age and school year. We welcome all skill levels for each group.
10:00am - 12:00pm
Ages 7 - 10. Suitable for school years 3 - 6
12:30pm - 2:30pm
Ages 11 - 16. Suitable for school years 7 - 11
Summer Term - Current
Ends 23rd July 2022
Autumn Term (10 weeks)
10th September - 15th October 2022
12th November - 10th December 2022
Spring Term (10 weeks)
7th January - 4th February 2023
25th February - 25th March 2023

About us

The Junior Academy of Modern Music (J.A.M.M.) was created by two music enthusiasts: Dan and Pete, who have created a fun and educational space for young individuals to learn to play modern music. The workshops take place on Saturdays at WaterRat Music Studios in Woking, a non-profit studio that provides practice and recording space for musicians.

At J.A.M.M. we believe music lives in the centre of our society allowing us to grow as individuals as well as experience one of our senses to its max. Studies have shown that students who play instruments or study the arts are often better in math and achieve higher grades in school than students who don't*.
*(Source: Friedman, B. (1959) An evaluation of the achievement in reading and arithmetic of pupils in elementary schools instrumental classes. Dissertation Abstracts International, 20, pp.s 3662-3663.)
WaterRat Music Studios

Meet the Team!


Bass Guitar Tutor
Co-founder of J.A.M.M., Dan is a multi-instrumentalist, playing saxophone, piano, double bass but specialises in the electric bass guitar. 

Playing music since the age of 10, he now has a degree in Music Performance and has worked with a number of talented up and coming artists.


Drums Tutor
Co-founder of J.A.M.M., Peter has been teaching drums for over 15 years and has degrees in Music Performance and Film Production & Broadcast Engineering.

Peter has run several working bands, playing in venues across the UK, but enjoys the challenges of teaching the most.


Vocals Tutor
Born in Canada and living in the UK, Martin is a multi-instrumentalist specialising in vocals, guitar and bass.

As well as having over 20 years of teaching experience, Martin also plays in several bands and produces his own music!


Guitar Tutor
Will is currently in the middle of his ‘Professional Music Industry Practice’ degree at ACM in London, while working as freelance session musician.

He performs, writes and records music for various different young artists and his former band 'Pattern' can be found on Spotify!


Admin & Welfare
Growing up, Hayley always had a passion for music and tried her hand at piano, tenor horn, guitar and bass guitar before deciding that all she wanted to do was sing!

She sang professionally for 6 years in an ABBA tribute band and now makes sure everyone is looked after during the workshops at J.A.M.M. 

Summer Holiday Workshops

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Where to Find Us

WaterRat Music Studios
Unit 1, 16 Monument Way East
GU21 5LY
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