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Adult Music Workshops at JAMM

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Hey there, music enthusiast!

Are you tired of playing your guitar or drums solo, without the enriching company of fellow music lovers? Do you yearn for the joy of sharing your musical triumphs with like-minded folks who truly understand your passion? Well, the wait is over!

Introducing JAMM's Music Course for Adults - tailor-made for musicians like you! Whether you're a drummer, guitarist, bassist, or a singer, our music workshops are designed to take your skills to new heights.
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Bassist at JAMM Final Performance Showcase

Experience the Unique JAMM Session Style

At JAMM, we believe that learning music should be an exhilarating and memorable experience. That's why our sessions are unlike standard music lessons. Get ready for a musical journey like no other!

Each session spans an engaging 2 hours, from 6pm to 8pm. But hold on, it's not your typical one-on-one instruction. Here's what makes our sessions extraordinary:

1. A Personalised Music Lesson:
During the first portion of the workshop, you'll receive an immersive music lesson tailored to your chosen instrument. Whether you're a guitarist, drummer, bassist, or a singer, your experienced tutor will guide you through breaking down a set song and help you learn your part with precision and finesse.

2. Uniting for a Musical Journey:
After a short tea break, something magical happens. Students from all disciplines come together, forming bands where guitarists jam with drummers, bassists harmonise with singers, and musical connections flourish. It's a collaborative symphony of diverse talents!

3. Playing & Practicing Together:
In your newly formed bands, you'll play through and practice the chosen song together. This blend of instruments and voices creates an awesome, supportive atmosphere, where you'll find inspiration and growth, as you make music as one.

4. Build an Impressive Repertoire:
Throughout each 10-week term, you'll learn a repertoire of popular rock and pop songs. Imagine the thrill of mastering iconic tunes, from classic rock anthems to contemporary hits, under the guidance of our skilled tutors.

5. Real Music Venue Performance:
As the course draws to a close, we'll celebrate your progress and musical achievements in a grand finale. You and your fellow musicians will be invited to showcase your newfound skills, performing for friends and family at The Fiery Bird music venue in Woking. Step onto the stage, feel the energy of the crowd, and shine as the rock star you've become!
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The Power of Music!

It's no secret that music has a profound effect on those who play it. Studies have shown that learning to play an instrument can:

Reduce Stress: Music acts as a natural stress reliever, allowing you to unwind and escape from the demands of everyday life.

Boost Creativity: As you immerse yourself in music, you'll unlock your creative potential and find new ways to express yourself.

Improve Memory & Focus: Learning music involves memorisation and concentration, which can enhance your overall cognitive abilities.

Build Confidence: Mastering an instrument and performing with others can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.
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Why Choose Us?

Personalised Music Lessons: Our experienced tutors will provide you with personalised instruction, focusing on your specific instrument and skill level. This means you'll progress at your own pace and receive the attention you need to excel.

State-of-the-Art Studios: Practice and learn in comfort! Our air-conditioned music studios offer the perfect environment for honing your musical talents. Feel inspired in a space where creativity knows no bounds.

Community & Camaraderie: At JAMM, we believe music is not just a solitary pursuit; it's an experience best shared with others who share your passion. Join a vibrant community of musicians who will support, inspire, and collaborate with you every step of the way.

Lasting Friendships: Music has the magical ability to bring people together. At JAMM, you won't just create melodies; you'll form lasting connections and friendships with like-minded individuals who understand the language of music.

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Your Musical Adventure Awaits!

Join the JAMM Adult Music Course today and be a part of this extraordinary musical journey. Immerse yourself in the fellowship of like-minded musicians, discover the joy of collaboration, and let the power of music transform your life.

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Experience Level

Please note that our Adult Music Course is designed for musicians with some prior experience on their chosen instrument or as vocalists. It is not suitable for complete beginners. If you have basic proficiency in playing your instrument or singing, then you are all set for an incredible musical journey with us!

Limited Spaces Available

As we value personalised attention and fostering a strong community spirit, we have limited spaces to ensure the best experience for every participant. Don't miss this chance to be a part of something extraordinary!
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Next Course Details

Duration: 10 weeks of musical adventure

Price: Just £400 for the entire course! Split payment options are available. *Pro-rata pricing for latecomers and your first session FREE*.

Session Time: Every Saturday, from 6pm to 8pm


21st September
28th September
5th October
12th October
19th October

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9th November
16th November
23rd November
30th November
7th December
JAMM Adult Workshops Final Performance

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Full wheelchair access and facilities.

What to bring:
Your drumsticks, guitar or bass guitar. Vocalists do not need to bring any equipment.

Food and drink:
You are welcome to bring a light snack and drink. Tea and coffee will be provided. Some soft drinks and snacks are available to purchase from reception. 

Car - There is on-site parking available.
Bicycle - Bike shelter on-site.
Bus - The nearest bus stop (Woking Business Park) is a 3 minute walk away and serves the 436, 456, 462 and 856 buses.
Train - The nearest train station is Woking and is approx. 20 minutes walk.
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